Why Go to Christmas Town?

It sounds like a paradise for all things holiday, and it kind of is. Christmas town offers the complete festive spirit with lights, train rides, food and drink, meetings with Santa, caroling shows, and shopping. It’s completely family friendly and everyone will have a magical time. Whether you love the magic of the holidays, the food, the music, or just being surrounded by lights, Christmas town has it all.

Christmas town

There are over ten million lights around the town, with the Christmas time Express train whisking everyone away for a one-and-a-half-mile journey around the town to see everything there is to see. Then you can stop to see and take photos with Santa Claus and his magical reindeer.

The shows include family-friendly entertainment for both kids and adults and are everything from plays to caroling. You can even see a completely decorated 50-foot-tall Christmas tree, all decked out in lights. Food and drinks are available, with everything from pizza, turkey dinners, German food, and everything else in between. And plenty of hot chocolate too!

If you want to do something very special that your children and family will remember for years to come, then going to Christmas town or a holiday market will certainly be on the list. There’s something about seeing a magical holiday personified in one place that just takes your breath away, and you’ll feel different about the entire holiday going forward.

Away from the hustle and bustle and endless shopping lines, the Christmas town will provide some much-needed peace and relaxation as you reconnect with what Christmas truly means and the joy of having friends and family beside you. Because experiencing that warm fuzzy feeling that only the holidays can bring you? That’s what Christmas is about, and why you should go to Christmas town.